How to make a family budget and stick to it?

If our finances constantly create problems for us, then our self-confidence cannot be restored, it is impossible to increase our self-esteem and love ourselves without changing our attitude towards finances, the family economy, and the family budget.

Good financial planning is not such a difficult task, perhaps it is rather of a psychological nature. We can assume that if you do not have enough money until the next salary, it means that the crisis in the economy is to blame or is it an accident, and next time everything will be better. If the family did not reach the salary, then children’s illnesses are to blame, prices have jumped sharply. Many people are familiar with such situations?

Unforeseen expenses should be included in the family budget. And if the family budget is not compiled, then it is impossible to take into account not only unforeseen expenses, but also the most predicted ones.

It is necessary to take financial responsibility for all your expenses and problems only for yourself, and if you have a family, this is especially important, since you bear full responsibility for the children, for their health, education and development.

A family budget plan allows you to not only not make debts, but also save money.It is impossible to save money for family development without budgeting the family.

Making a family budget plan is easy

  • First, make a list of all your expenses that you habitually make.All that you usually spend money for a month.
  • -Do not forget to include quarterly and annual payments in this list, but dividing them by the appropriate number of months.
  • Also include vacation money in this list, they relate to annual payments.
  • -Please note in this list all birthdays, holidays, when you make gifts, arrange picnics and divide the amount received by 12.
  • -Be sure to consider visits to the dentist, other mandatory visits to the doctor.
  • -You will have to put it off every month for repairs in case of equipment breakdown, shoe repair.
  • -Do not forget about your animals, consider not only the food, but also the costs of processing animals from insects, for possible injections.
  • The most difficult thing is to take into account expenses that we don’t even think about when we drink coffee somewhere, buy a bottle of water, treat the child with candy or ice cream. You need to pamper yourself and your children, but these expenses should be planned and taken into account.

Interesting! First, you can make two lists, in one of which only monthly expenses are taken into account, and in the other, annual payments, holiday and unforeseen expenses. Then the costs from the second list is divided by 12months and added to the first list.

Analyze the list of expenses

Now summarize, calculate the total amount of expenses.A reasonable action in the preparation of the family budget plan is a detailed analysis and discussion with family members of each item of expenditure. You need to go through all the items on your list. When carefully studying each item, be sure to ask yourself the question whether it is possible to spend less on this item, how much, less, what the quality of life will be. Such a possible saving should not deprive you of the pleasure of earning, relaxing and generally living.Ask yourself questions in the correct form, for example, whether you can, without refusing any services, spend less on them without lowering the quality of life of your and the whole family.

Perhaps only now you have been surprised to find out why your debts are accumulating. And if there are no debts, and you just live under zero from paycheck to paycheck, then it’s time to ask yourself the question of how to save money, how to first create a reserve for unforeseen circumstances, and then make your money work for you,your family, and not on everyone except you.

Financial analysts believe that saving is not very popular right now.Many are interested in how to save money, how to get rid of debts, moreover, constant and growing, but, ultimately, everything goes in a circle. Only a not very large number of people are confident that wealth is created through savings.